Viresco Energy, LLC is a California based energy company firstly brings to the market a proprietary business process, developed in collaboration with the Ce-CERT, University of California, Riverside a patented technology that transforms coal, biomass and other carbonaceous materials into renewable natural gas and sulfur-free diesel fuels. This unique SHR™ technology has been demonstrated and proven to be effective on a small scale and is favorably evaluated by the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (DOE-NETL).

Viresco Energy LLC has formed technical partnerships with major engineering firms and the Department of Energy (DOE), USA, and is currently designing pilot plants. With escalating world demand for fuel and much of our domestic supplies currently inaccessible, or cost prohibitive to extract, this partnership recognizes that our patented technology provides a competitive price and responsible path towards U.S. independence from foreign oil and mitigation of global climate change.

Core Competence
  • Worldwide exclusive license to a new advanced gasification technology CE-CERT Process.
  • Versatile with respect to feedstocks and products.
  • Internal H2 feedback.
  • Process can handle wet feedstock without drying.
                   * Utilize a high pressure slurry pump to reduce costs.
                   * Suitable for low-rank coal with high moisture content
                   * Low water usage.
  • No oxygen plant required; Process is suitable for smaller scale, distributed facilities.
  • Higher Thermal Efficiency (Suitable for low-rank coal with high ash content).
  • Proprietary process to convert biomass into slurry.
  • Convert biomass, coal, waste & biosolids to high value FT-fuels and Chemicals, Methane
    (CH4) and Hydrogen (H2).
  • Lower capital & operational cost due to no need of air separation unit (ASU).



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